Soonbin Lee

I'm a Research Associate at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI) in Berlin, Germany. I work in the multimedia communications group, which primarily focuses on immersive media technologies such as NeRF, 6DoF media compression and streaming system.

Before joining the HHI, I received B.S. degree from Gachon University and M.S. degree from Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). I participated in the standardization of ISO/IEC 23090-12 MPEG immersive video (MIV), with Prof. Eun-Seok Ryu.

Most of my research focuses on processing and transmitting new media. Specifically, I'm interested in visual data compression and video coding systems for multimedia.

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  • 02/2024 Our paper on MIV system is accepted to TOMM.
  • 11/2023 Our paper on NeRF compression has been appeared on arXiv.
  • 09/2023 Our paper on 360 VR streaming is accepted to VCIP 2023 (Oral).
  • 05/2023 Our paper on INR compression is accepted to SPL.
  • 03/2023 Our paper on MIV streaming is accepted to NOSSDAV 2023.
  • 02/2023 I will start my research at Fraunhofer HHI.

Highlighted Publications

DATRA-MIV: Decoder-Adaptive Tiling and Rate Allocation for MPEG Immersive Video
Jong-Beom Jeong, Soonbin Lee, Eun-Seok Ryu
ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM), Vol. 20, No. 7, pp. 1-22, May. 2024
ECRF: Entropy-Constrained Neural Radiance Fields Compression with Frequency Domain Optimization
Soonbin Lee, Fangwen Shu, Yago Sanchez, Thomas Schierl, Cornelius Hellge
arXiv, 2023
Fine-grained Single-layer Tiling for Viewport-Adaptive 360-degree Video Streaming
Jong-Beom Jeong, Jun-Hyeong Park, Soonbin Lee, Eun-Seok Ryu
IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP), 2023 (Oral Presentation)
Implementing Partial Atlas Selector for Viewport-dependent MPEG Immersive Video Streaming
Soonbin Lee, Jong-Beom Jeong, Eun-Seok Ryu
ACM Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV), 2023 (Oral Session at MMSys23)
Entropy-constrained Implicit Neural Representations for Deep Image Compression
Soonbin Lee, Jong-Beom Jeong, Eun-Seok Ryu
IEEE Signal Processing Letters (SPL), Vol. 30, pp. 663-667, May. 2023
Atlas Level Rate Distortion Optimization for 6DoF Immersive Video Compression
Soonbin Lee, Jong-Beom Jeong, Eun-Seok Ryu
ACM Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV), 2022 (Oral Session at MMSys22)
Group-Based Adaptive Rendering System for 6DoF Immersive Video Streaming
Soonbin Lee, Jong-Beom Jeong, Eun-Seok Ryu
IEEE Access, Vol. 10, pp. 102691-102700, Sep. 2022.
Towards Viewport-dependent 6DoF 360 Video Tiled Streaming for Virtual Reality Systems
Jong-Beom Jeong, Soonbin Lee, Il-Woong Ryu, Tuan Thanh Le, Eun-Seok Ryu
ACM Multimedia (MM), 2020
Motion-constrained Tile Set based 360-Degree Video Streaming Using Saliency Map Prediction
Soonbin Lee, Dongmin Jang, Jong-Beom Jeong, Eun-Seok Ryu
ACM Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV), 2019 (Oral Session at MMSys19)


  • MCSL Outstanding Research Award, 2022

  • SIGMM Student Travel Grants, ACM MMSys, 2022

  • Research Paper Award, SKKU Graduate School, 2022

  • President's Award, Gachon University, 2020

  • IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT)
  • IEEE Trans. Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS)
  • Multimedia Systems
  • ACM Multimedia (MM) 2024
  • Data Compression Conference (DCC) 2024
  • US 2023/0334706A1
  • US 2022/0343545A1
  • US 2022/0256131A1
  • US 2022/0217314A1
  • US 2022/0116578A1
  • US 18/354,983
  • US 18/338,613
  • US 18/115,248
  • KR 10-2500199
  • KR 10-2484999
  • KR 10-2412410
  • KR 10-2356037
  • KR 10-2209192
  • KR 10-2023-0142819
  • KR 10-2023-0077401
  • KR 10-2023-0003994
  • KR 10-2022-0170721
  • KR 10-2022-0076272
  • KR 10-2022-0014916
  • KR 10-2021-0150076
Standardization Contributions
  • "[MIV] On Delta QP for Additional View Atlases", document MPEG2022/m60377
  • "[MIV] Geometry Packing Implementation in TMIV for Frame Packed Video", document MPEG2022/m59442
  • "[MIV] Joint bit allocation for MIV with rate-distortion optimization", document MPEG2021/m58150
  • "[MIV] Extraction and Merging on Frame Packed Video", document MPEG2021/m56591
  • "[MIV] Basic View Packing with Screen Content Coding (SCC)", document MPEG2021/m55966
  • "[MPEG-I VIsual] EE Results on Dense Light Field Video Compression using VVC”, document MPEG2021/m55965
  • "[MPEG-I Visual] Report on Asymmetric Quantization on MIV", document MPEG2020/m55014
  • "[MPEG-I Visual] Report on Dense Light Field Compression in VVC", document MPEG2020/m55013
  • "On MCTS based tile extractor implementation", document MPEG2020/m53911
  • "Group Tiling in TMIV", document MPEG2019/m51639
  • "CE1: Viewport Tile Selector in TMIV for Viewport-dependent Rendering", document MPEG2019/m51638
  • "CE3: Viewport-dependent Patch Grouping Using HEVC Tiles", document MPEG2019/m50818

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